Biography of Drazmatik

Biography of Drazmatik Drazmatik is an American Rapper, Beat Producer, and Songwriter. His lyrical versatility and unique street-rapping style intrigue millions of hip-hop fans worldwide. Drazmatik was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. He started his musical career in the late 1990s, rapping for the vibrant youths of New Jersey. His undeniable passion for circulating his music worldwide led to his first album, “Team Drazmatik: The Standoff”, which was released in 2009 on Foreverbangingmusick. Hip-hop fans nationwide profess this album as distinct, authentic, classic, and strong. Although Drazmatik is a self-taught Rapper, Beat Producer, and Songwriter, his passion for rap and other studio-related activities motivated him to study Studio Engineering at the prestigious Institute of Audio Research in New York City. This added professionalism to the talent Drazmatik had been cultivating since childhood. His consistent commitment to the art of creating lyrically rhythmic street rap was noticed by the late Great legend; Tony D, a professional hip-hop producer from the same musical origin as Drazmatik. Drazmatik has collaborated with several other underground artists such as Poor Righteous Teachers also from Trenton, NJ as well throughout his career. After observing the success of his debut album that was released in 2009, Drazmatik went ahead to create his record label: Eastern Standard Time Records, in October 2020. Since the inception of his record label, Drazmatik has enjoyed musical success from various dimensions continually. Drazmatik’s music has been featured on several podcasts and radio stations since the launch. His first single released in January of this year entitled “Cold World” Drazmatik ft. Killahcal now available. Also check our other hits “Oh Yeah” ft. Dj Jay-Ski, “Jersey Made” ft. Slim Go, “Children of the Horns” Drazmatik ft. Killahcal,Ruby Rizz & Popula, “Lil Rap Niggaz” Drazmatik ft. Trife Diesel, and “It’s Your Love for Me” Riasade ft. Drazmatik can be streamed on all platforms.Drazmatik’s main focus is to use his natural talents to deliver authentic verbiage in rhythmic street rap that every hip-hop lover can admire. However, when he’s not rapping or searching for new sounds, he collects vintage vinyl records.

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