Drazmatik addresses real-life, local issues with an astonishing new album – ‘Play It By Ear.’

Drazmatik addresses real-life, local issues with an astonishing new album – ‘Play It By Ear.’

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Release Date: 17th March 2023

This incredible 8 track project is born from the mind of remarkably

talented Drazmatk whose prolific mind has also produced numerous other hits such as the distinct, ‘Da Last Of Us.’ Taking his precious time to carefully curate each and every track on the album, Drazmatik set out with the intent of addressing the ‘real-life’ issues which he has first hand experience of as he shows us a better understanding of the life of Drazmatik and, ‘what it’s like where I come

from, Trenton New Jersey.’ Each and every track is drenched in a sound of raw authenticity and brings back the sample-driven sound of prime 90s HipHop made famous by iconic names such as Nas and A Tribe Called Quest. With a straightforward recording process described by Drazmatik as a ‘piece of cake,’ each song only took a few takes for him to master the sound he was aiming for and the whole album was recorded at the prestigious Skylab recording studio in New Jersey. ‘Play It By Ear,’ is a crucially unmissable masterpiece which successfully reaches every crevice of a quintessential HipHop soundscape.

Curtis Vaughn, better known by his artistly coined name Drazmatik, is a

multifaceted creative force from the home of Rap, America – as a producer, rapper and songwriter, Drazmatik is a true triple threat whose talent & skill is remarkably undeniable. Starting out in the late 90s with the rise of the US HipHop

sound, Drazmatik made his first official debut with the release entitled, ‘The Standoff,’ and from there, the rest is history. With an unwavering & continualcommitment to the art of creating lyrically rhythmic street

rap, Drazmatik impressively set up his own record label Eastern Standard Time Records in October 2020. This young talent still continues to blossom and developas an artist and is desperately eager for success in this challenging industry.


EPMD, Redman, Souls of Mischief, Wu Tang Clan, A Tribe called Quest, Dela Soul, Busta Rhymes, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Dmx, Jay-Z, Boot Camp Clik, Black Moon, KRS One

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